Saturday, 17 May 2014

The Wonderful Benefits of Power Lift Chairs

Advances in technology have made our life comfortable and luxurious. In the pages of history,the Egyptians were the first to invent the chair, which for them symbolized dignity, power and royalty. Little, did they know that the chair they invented would graduate from necessity to luxury! 

When everything can be tailor-made and customized in this high-tech world of ours, why not a chair?Roth Newton brings to you an irresistible range of lift chairs you’d be hard pressed to find elsewhere in Australia!

Once a proud possession of the rich and the affluent, and primarily used by elderly people, electric lift chairs have since crossed boundaries and became a favourite across age and social status groups.

Given the amount of stress we face every day, relaxing in one of these chairs is total bliss. Roth Newton’s lift chairs have a motor-driven lifting mechanism that raises the chair up from its base and even recline it.

Due to the many benefits of modern lift chairs, they have gained tremendous popularity in recent years.

Elderly people often have difficulty getting up from or sitting down in a chair owing to various age-related illnesses. These chairs have a height adjusting facility which helps the occupant adjust the chair to a comfortable height when sitting down.

People in wheel chairs also find this as a convenient option as it enables them to transfer from one chair to the other with the aid of the chair’s lifting or lowering mechanism.

People with spinal disorder or other types of disability consider these chairs a necessity rather than a luxury. 

However, the lifestyle or luxury factor isn’t totally ruled out.

These chairs are available in a wide array of colours, sizes and textures with multiple functionality and mechanisms.

Key Features of Modern Lift Chairs 

A five-button handset or remote regulates the backrest and footrest independently with the help of a dual motor. This helps you to position the chair any way you want, including a horizontal sleeping position.

Bear in mind that in order to be in that full-sleeping position you have to be at least 15” away from a wall. The fifth button of the remote helps you to go back from sleeping to sitting position.

Even a single motor can help you to raise the footrest alone before raising the backrest. The single and dual motor mechanism helps you to get out of the recliner by lifting it forward.

The chair has a weight limit of 160 kgs. For optimum comfort and support for your legs, all models allow you to prop your feet up.

A side-pocket in all models helps you keep magazines and stuff there. Also, emergency back-up batteries for the remote is available for single use only,after which the batteries must be replaced.

Roth Newton’s lift chairs have earned years of reputation for providing comfort and relief to the occupant. 

These chairs are ergonomically designed and confirm to our natural movement. Lift chairs are safe to operate and come with full warranty. However, for those with a medical condition, doctor’s supervision and prescription is recommended before using the chair.

Roth Newton wishes you a happy time relaxing in your lift chair!

Sunday, 11 May 2014

La Z Boy Recliner Chairs : The Best in Comfort, Quality and Value

La Z Boy Recliner chairs offer versatile options which include lumbar support, adjustable headrest, height adjustment and an adjustable footstool for maximum comfort. 

Roth Newton has the largest stock list of La Z Boy, Electric Lift Chairs, Recliners and Home Theatre Suites in Australia. 

Sitting becomes genuinely comfortable when your body is fully relaxed and your movements are unhampered by joint and body pains. This type of comfort is made possible by La Z Boy Lift chairs and Recliners. 

When you sit in a recliner, your head and feet control and position your body to help you relax. In addition to these basic recliner features, La Z boy provides you with even more options for maximum comfort. 

The Manual Latch Recliner works by helping you find a comfortable body position. Just pull the latch manually, and push back with your shoulders. Raise your hands above your head and enjoy the comfort of reclining. To return to your original position, just lean your shoulder forward.Push down with your legs to lock the footrest. 

The Electric Recliner has two buttons that relieve you from operating your recliner manually. Moreover, you can recline your body at any angle you feel most comfortable with. 

Recliner with Side Handle mechanism is the traditional and popular item of Roth Newton’s La Z Boy Recliner chairs. 

The handle on the right side is used for bringing three different reclining positions by pushing back with your shoulders or by putting your hands above your head. The footrest is not required to be lifted. The wall hugger mechanism allows it to recline to a position of 4 inch from wall. 

If you want to rock while sitting, you may opt for a recliner with Rocker Side Handle mechanism. In the normal upright position, you can rock backward and forward, without stopping as long as you do not raise the footrest. 

Elderly people will find the single motor riser recliner chairs most suitable for sitting and relaxing. 

The attached mechanism controls the backrest and footrest simultaneously. 

With the raising of the footrest, the backrest reclines automatically. Alternatively, the dual motor recliners control the footrest and backrest, separately. 

When reclining, your backrest and footrest work independently.This allows you to position your body more comfortably. 

Roth Newton’s Swivel Reclining Chairs allows you to swivel 360 degrees.It’s a great way to relax tired muscles and ease away mental stress. In addition, the modern curves and the hard wearing upholstery make them extremely attractive. 

Roth Newton offers a wide array of Lift Chairs, Lounge Suites and Home Theatre Suites. The products are made of leather, fabric and vinyl and can be made to suit your specific needs with regard to colour, size, d├ęcor, height, weight and shape. 

You can get options such as high base, footrest extension and left hand handle too. Our special range of La Z Boy Recliner chairs is exclusively offered to make you feel special!

Thursday, 24 April 2014

Traditional to Modern Recliners: Phases of Their Evolution

The recliner chair, since its inception, has been considered a great idea for solving space and flexibility issues in different ways. Traditionally, recliners were the smart chairs that solved interior space problems along with enhancing flexibility of use. 

In the course of time, recliners in corporated many other features that go beyond basic functionalities.

Today’s recliners are not just a stylish type of furniture that enhances the look of any interior. They are now increasingly being valued for their therapeutic benefits as well. 

The most popular use of recliners isto facilitate sitting and standing by elderly users. In looking at the huge range of recliners, from traditional to modern designs, one becomes surprised at the evolution that this type of furniture went through.

The basic proposition of recliners 

Many innovative features have been incorporated into the design of recliner chairs. Nowadays, recliner chairs come in various sizes, looks and features. However, the basic features of recliners remain space-saving, flexibility and adaptability in use. 

Recliners at the time of its introduction was valued mainly as a smart space-saving piece of furniture, ideally suited for cramped urban living spaces. 

In the course of time their flexibility in facilitating different sitting postures and uses became a big factor for its popularity. The durability and adaptability of recliners in any home environment and interior areanother big plus, making them a fascinating addition to your furniture. 

Health aspects 

While comfort and convenience of use were the priority in first generation recliners, their modern counter parts are addressing health aspects, particularly for people with orthopedic difficulties or problems in body movement. 

This is a major breakthrough in modern recliner design that make it popular among buyers. 

With the touch of a button, modern recliners are able to adjust to various positions, and help the user sit in or get up without putting any stress on the knee joints. 

Feature-rich recliners with lot of accessories

The wide array of feature-rich recliners we nowadays see is truly akin to a revolution in furniture ideas. With modern recliners you can sit, relax, lay back, lie downor do whatever you want at the touch of a button. 

Dual electric motors in present day recliner lift chairs let you adjust the position of your arms and legs separately. 

While relaxing in your recliner chair, the backrest can provide you with a soothing back massage. As if that’s not enough, your recliner has heated seat pads that keep you cozy in chilly weather. 

Today, recliners come with massage and electronic heating options in the seat and backrest. In the armrest you find hidden compartments to keep your relevant small objects like the television remote, your pipe case, etc. 

Almost all recliners today come with sliding side tables that can be used for breakfast or reading books or for keeping your laptop. 

Last but not the least, we must mention the plush comforting look that modern recliners offer to the drawing room. They just do not save space, but utilizes space more effectively to become a beautiful feature of your room interior. 

Want to buy a best quality recliners for your home or office? Visit Roth Newton, Largest pool of Roth Newton's recliner showrooms in Victoria. Visit our website and explore more than 50+ models of recliners & lift chairs from well known brands like Lazy Boy, Moron and IMG.

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Surefire Tips for Buying the Best Recliner Chairs

Reclining chairs are not only adored for their comfort, they are also useful for adding glam to your interior. Recliners belong to the most stylish range of furniture that suits different ambience and room interiors.

Whether it is your office lounge, drawing room at home or an elaborate room for the home theatre, recliners offer an awesome combination of class and comfort. 

Smart recliners are easy to use and effortless to maintain.

There area wide array of recliners to choose from depending on your budget and requirements. But before buying a recliner, there are few important things you need to know.

Let us begin with a few basic things.

Why buy a recliner?

What purpose are recliners best suited for? Knowing their basic features and benefits can be a big help when buying a recliner.

  • Recliners are basically furniture for relaxation and naturally ideal for lounges and drawing rooms
  • Operated with simple buttons to adjust the chair to your comfort
  • Exceptional lumbar and neck support provides relaxation to your stressed joints and muscles
  • Particularly beneficial for people who have mobility issues, such as arthritis or paralysis, or those with deteriorating physical conditions
  • Recliners are a smart way to add glam to your living room, drawing room, lounge and office or home interior
Things to consider before deciding on a type of recliner

The first thing you should look into is comfort when deciding on a type of recliner. The next consideration is the style. Make sure it perfectly complements the look and tone of your interior.

Different types of recliners:

Recliner chairs come in various styles and design options. Your choice should be based on your needs and sense of comfort.

Rockers: Rockers or rocking recliners are so named because they rock and recline. They are particularly great for mothers to put their babies to sleep. The relaxing rocking movement is good for anyone to have a quick snooze.

Wall Huggers: Wall huggers typically do not give a person much room for body movement and they take little room space. They are ideal if you have a smaller room and for people who need to sit straight due to any type of orthopedic ailments like joint or knee pain.

Lift Chairs: Lift chairs facilitate sitting without any stress on the knee or other joints and so they are particularly beneficial for people with joint ailments. This type of recliner is available in a wide range of shapes, sizes and functions to suit differing needs.

Testing the comfort of your recliners:

Testing the comfort level and suitability is a must when purchasing recliners. You can do this by sitting in and adjusting the chair according to what’s comfortable for you.

This will you give you an idea whether it’s the right recliner chair for you. Try out several recliners to see what works best for you.

Your style and taste

The kind of recliner that perfectly fits your style statement and taste is the final consideration before deciding to buy.

You have a choice between sleek, cozy and plush modern reclinersand traditional varieties. It all depends on the look and feel you’re after.

Your choice of recliners must complement your taste, as well as the overall ambience and interior design of your space.

Thinking of buying recliner chairs for your home or office? Let Roth Newton Recliner Specialist helps you choose the best recliners from our exclusive range of recliners and lift chairs. Visit our website at and explore our product gallery. Our stores are located at five different locations in Melbourne.

Friday, 11 April 2014

The Best Recliners Chairs to Buy

When it comes to buying recliners, the first question that most of our clients ask is the basic one - why do we need to buy a recliner when we can easily do with a sofa? Or what is the purpose of buying a recliner? 

We have even been faced with questions like, recliners take up too much floor space, and then why would we even opt for lessening our floor space and creating a space crunch with such heavy items of furniture? 

Well, the questions are all justified…truly justified queries! And hence they deserve an equally justifiable and honest answer.

Yes, the recliners take up a considerable amount of floor space in the house but it is much better of an option to have a proper recliner in the living room than some of the most luxurious sofas or their sitting arrangements. Why? Here is the answer: 
  • It is not only because the recliners are highly comfortable and durable, BUT also because they are perfect for the back. 
  • Many physicians nowadays even prescribe such recliners for their patients to lay back and rest after a whole long day of work. It is because the recliners not only provide the optimum lumbar support but also help a lot in reducing the back pains in the long run. They are especially beneficial for those with some kind of back pains and back problems and even sodalities. 
  • Not only that, even if you want to consider from the interior decorating point of view as to how would such a big piece of furniture look in one of the most pivotal rooms of your house, or whether it would go with your house decor or not, well be completely assured because the presence of a big sturdy and good quality recliner in the living room is one of the most welcoming sight for everyone. And, now of course you an expect guests at frequent intervals! 

We here at the Roth Newton Recliner Warehouse are proud to regard ourselves as one of the best recliners supplier known across Australia. And this label that we take so pride in is not something we ourselves have said for our company. Rather it is something that our loyal customers who have been associated with us for years now have tagged us as. 

But then again, we here at Roth Newton are always trying to live up to this image. 
  • Our recliners are built with state of the art design approach. So we have double pillars to make our creations more sturdy and double hinge systems to make them trustworthy. The posture of the recliners is so devised that it provides the best lumbar support and even helps with the pains and injuries in the long run. 
  • The recliners are made with 100 percent Tasman leather, and it is the traditional 8 ways tie and knot system that we always use in our products. 

All in all, we can say that if there is any one single principle that we here at Roth Newton follow without any hesitation is the principle of Honesty. Because we believe that it is only utmost commitment with our work, our promises, and our services which sets us apart amongst the crowd of thousands. 

So when you decide to trust us, put your faith in our words and get a recliner from us, be rest assured to sleep in peace as our chairs are ready to give you that long desired comfort that you so well deserve. It’s time to bunk spas. Get ready for a rejuvenating experience right at your home!

Thursday, 20 February 2014

A Historical Perspective on the Evolution of the Recliner


Recliners are very popular around the world. They have been developed into many different styles employing various fabrics and designs. Have you ever thought about the history of these chairs? They go back as far as ancient Egyptian times. When considering all the other seating options, you will see how the comfort of the reclining chair would be widely accepted. 

When you think of a recliner, you probably have an image of sitting comfortably at home with your feet up and plenty of cushioning to help you relax. One of the main ideas for early recliners was to help people get their feet off the floor. 

Some early-modern recliners used to be confined only to parlors and such. Nowadays, however, they can be found everywhere, not just inside homes and fancy parlors. For example, these recliners are in clinics and treatment centers, hospitals and a variety of other places due to their therapeutic nature. 

While some critics are not ready to say that recliners actually have health benefits, consumers have a different opinion. 

Relaxing in and of itself after a hard day's work rejuvenates you and gets you ready for the next day. Obviously, it's better to have a comfortable seat than one that is not comfortable and accommodating. However, the term "couch potato" is out there for a reason. 

In this way, the benefits of recliners have much to do with the routine and motivation of a particular person. Recliners date back to ancient times as far as concept development is concerned. 

The first modern recliner chairs were found in the 18th and 19th centuries. Of course, these chairs did not have motors as recliners do today. There were even recliners that stayed permanently in the reclined position. 

As recliners evolved, models were then developed that were able to move into different positions. This happened in the late 19th century. A good example of this was the historical record of Napoleon III and his padded recliner. Still without modern motors, these recliners could be moved manually into whatever position you desire.The foot rest was also developed around this time. 

In 1928, two men named Edwin Shoemaker and Edward Knabusch developed the innovative concept of the reclining motion.It happens whenever a person leans back in the chair. This concept held on strong because it greatly improved the way people are able to relax. 

There were others during this time developing different concepts, but these two gentlemen are attributed with this new design. 

The 1950s suburban era ushered in a wave of recliner popularity. These chairs ended up finding their way into most homes throughout the country. The idea of it being a man's chair was a popular concept. This is because a man could put his feet up after working hard all day. Considering the popularity of the television and families getting together and relaxing in the evening together, recliners soared in popularity during this time. 

Not only did the recliner become more popular in the 1950s, but understand that this move was due to the recliner being viewed as commonplace and made available to more consumers. 

Prior to this time, the recliner was viewed more as a luxury within a home and not a common household furniture item. And, the health benefits concerning the use of a recliner were given attention during this era, which made them very popular as well. 

The style of recliners and fabrics used have evolved along with the accepted styles of the times as well. When style trends changed for decor in general, recliners would follow. For instance, the recliners of the 1950s were large and generally overstuffed, while later in the 70s, people were trying to practice space saving techniques. 

These recliners would end up in basements and garages, where men would have their "man caves." It was during this time that recliners were made in a more compact manner. Although, this doesn't mean the new ones were always found in the living rooms either. 

Many new innovative options have been implemented when designing the modern recliners in today's world. There are massage chairs, chairs that provide warmth and heat, and even attached units providing multiple seats. 

Chairs are equipped with electric motors providing electronic reclining options and much more. They often have drink holders, little drawers to keep things in, and the list goes on and on. Health and comfort are top priorities when it comes to modern design for recliners. 

Pay attention to other seating options and how they have also evolved. Notable among them are those like the computer chairs copying certain design aspects from recliners. 

Considering there are so many choices out there today, there is a recliner for everyone. 

Think about what you expect out of a recliner for comfort first and any therapeutic needs that are on your mind. Next, you have to consider the type of decor in your home and the space that you have. 

After doing these two things, you are set to find the recliner that you want. 

Now, you can truly relax in your new recliner after a hard day’s work.

Saturday, 15 February 2014

A Quick Guide to Buying Lift Chairs Part 1 : Lifting Mechanism and Basic Types

If you are looking for lift chairs, a variety of choices are readily available in the market. But,you need prior knowledge of lift chairs and their unique operation.This will help you find a chair that will best serve your purpose, without denting your pocket. 

What is a Lift Chair? 

A lift chair is a specially designed chair for helping people to sit on it or to rise to a standing position with absolute safety. These chairs have been available and sold in the market since the last 20 years.Now, they are priced more or less in the range of a regular reclining chair. 

But compared to regular recliners, lift chairs possess a few additional features,offering enhanced functionality not found in the traditional recliner chairs. 

Most importantly, unlike recliners,a lift chair has a mechanism that will push a person upward to a standing position.

Though the primary purpose of a lift chair is to help an individual into an upright position,there are a few chairs that can be used as recliners. Depending on the model,some are able to recline fully. 

What makes a lift chair different from a regular chair is the presence of an electric motor that controls the backrest and the footrest. This actually enhances the user’s comfort level by allowing them to find the most comfortable sitting position or tilt the chair to any comfortable angle. 

The Lifting System 

In order to provide desired levels of functionality, a strong lifting mechanism is installed at the base of the chair. Once the chair is raised to the desired level, the person sitting on it can easily get on his or her feet. 

The lifting system used in these chairs is of two types:an electrical system and a spring system. 

Lift chairs with electrical lifting system always make a better choice, because they offer enhanced control.This is opposed to the spring mechanism that basically moves the chair like a catapult.Once the movement has started, it cannot be stopped midway. 

As a matter of fact, manufacturing of spring based lift chairs has almost ceased, because they were found to be associated with a high number of injuries. But, there are still a few of them available in the market today. So, if you intend to buy a lift chair, get the one with an electric controlled lifting mechanism. 

There is yet another restriction to the spring lift chairs. The position of the backrest and the footrest of spring lift chairs is controlled and determined solely by an individual’s body weight.Naturally it is not very comfortable. 

Furthermore, due to the high number of injuries caused by spring lift chairs, these are not covered by any medical insurance policy. 

Available Types 

Apart from the lifting system installed, lift chairs are categorized depending on the maximum angle to which the chair can recline. Depending on the angle of recline, lift chairs are of three basic types : 2 position lift chairs, 3 position lift chairs, and Infinite position lift chairs. 

Both, the 3 position and Infinite position lift chairs can be reclined to a completely horizontal position.But what makes them different from each other, is the fact that the backrest and the footrest of an Infinite position lift chair can be separately controlled. Naturally, the level of comfort offered by an Infinite position lift chair is far better. 

On the other hand, 2 position lift chairs recline to a maximum angle of 45 degrees. They are popularly known as TV recliners, because they offer the best position for watching TV or reading. 

However, unlike the 3 position and infinite position models, the 2 position model is not comfortable for sleeping. 

Let Roth Newton helps you select the best lift chairs for your home and offices as per your needs. Come, visit your nearest Roth Newton Store and explore the largest collection of Electric Recliners and Lift Chairs in Melbourne.

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